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Hog Roast Kilmarnock would like to welcome you to the hog roast experience of your lifetime. We are the number one provider of delicious and succulent hog roasts throughout East Ayrshire. When you’re ready to begin planning your next event or celebration in Kilmarnock or East Ayrshire, contact us for instant inspiration on how hog roast catering could provide the delicious mealtime solution to wow the crowds.

Experienced Hog Roast Kilmarnock Caterers

Whatever your plans, we have the hog roast catering package to suit your needs. For your small and medium sized gatherings to large scale events, our beautifully manufactured machines provide us with the ability to cater for both your indoor and outdoor hog roast dining plans. We bring reliability and class to your event while preparing a succulent roast.

Why not place the perfect conversation starter at the centre of your event or celebration? Keep your guests guessing with the combination of enticing aromas.


It’s regularly the case that our hog instantly becomes the centre of attention at any party. As your guests arrive they are greeted with the delicious fragrance of the hog roast filling the air. Right away the hungry guests are transfixed watching over the hog.

Taking in consideration that your guests are due to experience the best hog roast they have ever tasted we always ensure we have enough left for anyone who has room for seconds. What we do have still remaining after all your guests are stuffed full of juicy, tender pork we are able to plate up and leave with you. You never know after a few drinks and dancing some may want a bit more to eat later in the evening.

Our Menu Choices

Thinking of expanding your menu? No problem. Our purpose designed range of hog roast machines allows you to do exactly that. We have the ability to prepare numerous meats along with potatoes and vegetables that will all be ready to be served to your guests at your requested time. Alternatively you can provide your guests with canapes or starters, and conclude the fantastic meal with a selection of desserts.

Our wide ranging Hog Roast Kilmarnock menu options provide you with ample food choices to keep your guests entertained – from the initial burst of tempting aromas to the last mouthful of full- flavoured hog roast, our menu choices have everything you need to ensure your meal time is a hit.

Contact Hog Roast Kilmarnock

Take a look at our menu choices that will be sure to influence your food decisions. Ranging from private party menus, wedding menus and our corporate events section there is definitely something there to catch your eye. We love to hear your suggestions – if you don’t see a menu option that you’d like us to provide, simply let us know. We will always go above and beyond to provide you with a hog roast experience that surpasses all expectations.

Speak to us today for mouth watering ideas that could add new and exciting dimensions to your plans.